About Us

Tool and Die Service CH-TECH  is an ambitious and upcoming company that was founded in 2005. The company’s main objectives include the procurement and order manufacturing of mechanical high precision spare parts for the tool and die production from the ever-growing and attractive Asian market. The company is based in Thailand, where it is managed by the Swiss founders.



Alexander CeccottiAlexander Ceccotti
Technics & Production


Emanuel HäusermannEmanuel Häusermann
Procurement & Marketing

Our Mission

Swiss quality at competitive Asian prices: We are proud to emphasize that this is not only our designated goal and endeavor but rather our specific performance assurance to our customers.

With the careful selection and the sustainable supervision of the Asian partners and suppliers, combined with our experience and knowledge and not least with our efforts and well established local contacts we are in a favorable position to create unique win-win situations for our European customers.

At the same time, we always give priority to our client’s needs. We also know how to create market competitiveness to our advantage and therefore ensure customer satisfaction in every respect: We provide and deliver the ordered products in strict accordance with the desired quality standards, in general, faster than other suppliers. Nevertheless, we do not accept any compromise regarding quality standards. Our Swiss understanding of high-quality standards is the key to your success.

Tool and Die CH-TECH | Asia Supply Management | thus provides European companies easy and efficient access to an outstandingly attractive and competitive procurement market.


The skills and expertise of CH-TECH can be summarized in the following three core areas:

  • Technics
    The industry as well as trade knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in the mold and tool making business combined with a particularly high appreciation of quality,
  • Communication
    One of our key success factors: We are experts in Asian cultures and mentalities. Moreover, we communicate with our Asian suppliers as well as with our European customers in their local tongue,
  • Supplier Network
    Various partnerships with highly qualified suppliers and manufacturers plus access to specialists and experts if required.

Tool and Die CH-TECH | Asia Supply Management | thus understands itself as an independent purchasing agency and furthermore as a competent contact and outsourcing partner for the procurement originating in various Asian production areas.


We are pleased to give references on request.

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