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Our Electric-Discharge Machining Service

Electric-discharge machining (EDM), alternately referred to as die-sinking and spark-machining, molds workpieces into particular shapes with electrical sparks.

With EDM & WEDM, current discharges occur between two electrodes, removing sections of a given workpiece.

  • Wire EDM or WEDM, whereby spark erosion is used to remove portions from an electronically conductive material.
  • Sinker EDM, where an electrode and workpiece are soaked in dielectric fluid for a piece formation.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) can almost force-free 2D and 3D machining of any conductive material. The micro die-sinking EDM process outlined in this paper uses electrodes with features on the micrometer scale as a working tool.

The capacity to micromachine components is desirable for many applications, ranging from miniaturization to functionalization of large surfaces.

To achieve the desired workpiece’s final shape, the working gap and the tool wear behavior must be known and minimized or compensated if possible.

The interaction between process parameters, such as pulse and pause duration and discharge current with resulting gap sizes, wear formation, and workpiece shape must be displayed to understand overall.

Besides optimizing the micro-EDM process itself, the entire process chain must be discussed, including the electrodes’ shaping.

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