Tool and Die CH-TECH Co., Ltd. Introduction

Tool and Die CH-TECH Introduction is a Swiss-run service company situated in Thailand. We are in the business of Tool and Die, providing other factories or industries with the necessary equipment and spare parts needed for manufacturing. We are a specialist manufacturer of mechanical high precision drawing spare parts, Molds, Dies, Injection Moulding Dies, Punching & Stamping Tools, Precision Carbide parts, Punches, Prototyping parts, and End Mills & Cutting Tools.

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We have expertise in manufacturing, Mechanical high Precision Tools, and Mould components. Tool and Die CH-Tech also specialize in procurement and contract manufacturing. We assist incomplete order outsourcing, conforming to quality standards at every stage and maintaining effective communication with other Asian manufacturing partners.

Tool and Die CH-TECH Precision – Asia Supply Management is a highly motivated and growing manufacturer founded in Thailand in 2005. Our primary operations include procurement and manufacturing of precision drawing parts used in Tools, Die, and Moulds from the fast-developing Asian Market in Thailand. Tool and Die CH-TECH was founded and managed by the Swiss founder Alexander Ceccotti, Managing Director – Technics & Production, and Emanuel Häusermann, Managing Director – Procurement & Marketing.

We help you build a broad, continuously growing network of dedicated local suppliers and manufacturers. We coordinate for an assured quality procurement market, and we definitely can ensure Swiss Quality products at economical Asian rates.

Tool and Die CH-Tech aims to become the first choice supply partner if you are looking at Asian Manufacturing companies. Our mission is to achieve Swiss quality and standards at highly competitive Asian prices. This is our mission and goal and our exceptional promise & assurance to the procurement customers.

We utilize sustainable methods of careful selection and continuous supervision of our Asian suppliers and manufacturing partners and use our knowledge and experience in the High-Precision Tool & Die manufacturing and CNC drawing parts procurement. We lend our best efforts and a reputed local network to create a favorable position in the Mould and Die field for our European customers. We ensure it’s always a WIN-WIN for the procurement clients and us.

At Tool and Die CH-TECH, we do not allow any compromise concerning maintaining quality standards in procurement. We offer and provide your parts & products in strict accordance with European quality standards and, at the same time, relatively much faster than other Asian suppliers. We strive to satisfy our client’s needs all the time. We know how to utilize our market position to our client’s advantage and ensure customer satisfaction from ordering to delivery.

Our Swiss skills and knowledge and our Asian presence ensure high-quality products at very competitive prices. We provide European companies with an easily accessible, attractive, economic, and efficient procurement market. This is the primary key to your success. We are proud to have the necessary skills and expertise to be an independent purchasing agency for Spare Parts, Moulds, and Dies.

To excel in this field, we concentrate more on the three core areas: Technology, Communication, and Supplier networks. Our 34 years of experience in the precision Tool and Die – Mould and Die making industry.

Tool and Die CH-Tech’s knowledge of Asian culture and production ethics and our ability to talk fluently to Asian partners and European Customers in the local language. The partnerships we have entered into the last two decades with highly qualified manufacturers and suppliers, access to experts and specialists in the field, and our high appreciation of quality make us a competent outsourcing partner.

We aim to simplify order processing for our European procurement partners. We rely on quality standards, on-time delivery, the price advantages of outsourcing your parts, and consistency.

Our Production Processes include Conventional Milling, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Milling, and HSC (High-Speed Cutting). We have the latest CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Turning technology, and we can do Machining in hardened materials.

We utilize various Grinding operations like Surface grinding, Profile grinding, Optical profile grinding, cylindrical grinding, and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) grinding. We also have Sheeting, Eroding equipment like Wire cutting (WEDM) eroding, CNC Die-sinking (EDM), and a state-of-the-art Assembly / final assembly line.

When you place an order with us, be assured your order is in excellent and quality hands. We are a quality, conscious company that strives to take responsibility for all tasks and duties throughout the outsourcing transaction.

We ensure customers are provided a fully comprehensive manufacturing and delivery service, including ordering monitoring, production, quality assurance, professional packaging, transport, and delivery to the desired destination at the right time. That’s a promise that Tool and Die CH-TECH Precision proudly maintains.

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